Temperature Evaluation Kit

Enter into Sensing Labs long range wireless sensors world
with the new Senlab© Temperature evaluation kit !

Senlab© Temperature evaluation kit allows you to evaluate the performances of Sensing Labs wireless
sensors that embed LoRaTM long range spread spectrum technology, providing significantly longer range
than conventional modulation techniques as well as high interference immunity whilst minimising current
Temperature evaluation kit sensors are fully representative of Senlab© sensors radio performances and
will allow you to get a precise idea of the new possibilities offered by Sensing Labs products.

Senlab© Temperature evaluation kit is made up of:
– 1 temperature sensor
– 1 USB modem to be connected to a PC
– 1 Evaluation software for the set-up process, sensors remote parameterization and sensors data
retrieving (sensor values, logged events, RSSI, SNR, …)

Commercial ref : KTE-LAA-21X0