This Senlab D™ is a smart wireless module, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, equipped with a magnetic door switch set.

Designed for outdoor use, this Senlab offers a ruggedized IP68 casing and robust wireless connectivity for continuous monitoring in harsh and challenging environments.

Reference: OPE-LAB-13NS


This Senlab offers the best in class features as:

  • Battery life time
  • Rich data content
  • Radio performances
  • Advanced set of functionalities

Typical applications

  • Entry Monitoring
  • Activity-based services
  • Cold chain management
  • BIM Services



Advanced Technical Features

  • Plug & Play installation
    Double sided tape or screw mounting of door contacts (provided)
    Door contact detection up to 3 cm
    Activation with magnet (LED feedback)
  • High configurability of event detection and transmission
    Event notification of open and/or close state
    State detection duration configurable
    Immediate transmission or after N events or after maximum duration
    Reconfiguration possible over the air
  • Network configuration
    LoRaWAN parameters (OTAA or ABP activation mode, initial datarate,…)
    Encryption keys customizable by client
    Standard LoRaWAN retries support
    Radio collisions avoidance by pseudo-randomization of transmissions
    Advanced transmission reliability mechanisms (recovery of lost messages, …)