At Sensing Labs, we are specialized in smart sensor design and development as well as data management solutions, with a turn-key Sensor-to-Cloud solution that greatly simplifies construction of scalable IoT applications and reduces the cost of data acquisition for services requiring very long range and battery life in wireless sensors.

We enable B2B markets that are driven by energy & cost savings needs and where we aim to provide fast and high-volume deployments on following markets:

– Smart Metering for Water & Gas
– Smart Building
– Industry 4.0
– Precision Agriculture (Green houses and breedings)

For which applications:
– Monitoring gas, water, electricity consumption and environmental datas as temperature, humidity
– Energy consumption reduction
– Space and comfort optimization
– Industrial operations management …

Senlab Sensor embed:
• A range of industrial-grade LPWA wireless sensors, covering a wide range of information collection needs as utility meters, temperature, humidity, presence, passage detection and counting, door opening, machine malfunction alarm, and more
Gateways for local network implementations
• A Cloud platform with API for the customers to access to data

Senlab Sensors, combining Hardware, Firmware & Software, are Easy and Fast to integrate, providing Content-Rich Data at a low cost and a simple acquisition.
Our value proposition has 3 focal points:
• Class-leading low Data TCO
• Edge Analytics and high data compression algorithms providing content-rich data
• Industrialized “place & forget” sensors with 15-20 years of battery life

Our clients reduce both their development of IoT end-to-end solutions and time-to-market, while focusing on creating downstream value-added for customers.

Thanks to its distribution network, Sensing Labs is present throughout in Europe, Middle East, Near East and Russia. We continue to expand our international growth.