Required :

  • Senlab™ device commisioned on OTAA mode (default configuration)
  • Your CSV commissioning file with devEUI, appKey and appEUI
  • Your valid TTN account

1) Login to your TTN account and select “console”


! If not created before, add a new application (keep default settings)

3) Add Senlab™ AppEUI:

“Applications” –> select your application –>

“Overview” –>”Application EUIs” –>

“manage euis”–>  “add appEUI”

Edit the line and paste the Senlab™ device AppEUI (70B3D580A0000000 by default-from the CSV file)

4) Add the Senlab™ device:

“Applications” –> select your application –>”Devices” –>”Register device”

Give a name to the device (Device ID)

Copy/paste devEUI from the CSV file (Device EUI)

5) Activate the Senlab™ device with magnet


6) Check if data are well received on TTN network:

“Applications” –> select your application –>”Data”

7) You have different possibilities to get data :

  • If you use mydevices, you don’t need to make a script, because almost all Senlab™ devices are decoded in mydevices . Only BASIC mode can be decoded.
  • If you want to forward raw payload from TTN to your server (SLcodec deployed on your server),

you can decode using SLcodec to get application data

All mode from all Senlab™ can be encoded/decoded

  • If you want to forward (decoded) data from TTN to another webservice, you have to write a script on TTN “Payload formats” page. Refer to Application Note (BASIC message format).
    Only BASIC mode can be decoded.