Senlab digital LoRaWAN sensors are equipped with an integrated digital input sensor for on/off or open/close state detection.

They detect without physical contact the presence in front of their sensitive face of an object or obstacle. The change of state (closing or opening of the contact) takes place during detection.

Senlab digital LoRaWAN range:

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  • Events and alarm notification

Digital LoRaWAN Senlab sensor allow monitoring engines machine state, detecting dysfunction on machines,  setting up predictive maintenance programms or building management sytem.

Indoor usage – TOR-LAB-41NS – IP30

Outdoor environment – TOR-LAB-13NS – IP68

  • Openings remote control

Openings detection Senlab range allow activity based services, space optimization and comfort in offices, entry monitoring or cold chain mangement

Indoor Opening Detection: OPE-LAB-41NS – IP30

Outdoor Opening Detection: OPE-LAB-13NS – IP68

  • Leak detection

Senlab outdoor water detection allows water spotting as soon as water is present on floor. Use cases can be servers rooms and critical equipments protection

Leak Detection in outdoor environment – LEA-LAB-13NS – IP68