How easy it is to integrate the SENSING LABS sensor on the Wiotys interface of Wi6 labs?

In this video you will discover in a few minutes how easy it is to integrate the Sensing Labs sensor on the Wiotys interface of Wi6Labs.

Wi6Labs is specialized in the development and deployment of wireless LoRaWAN™ private network solutions, low power and long range.

Sensing Labs designs Senlab™ sensors featuring the LoraWAN™ protocol wich enables  the monitoring and the reduction of energy consumption, the optimization of building maintenance and the predictive analytics.

When Wi6Labs selects and receives the Sensing Labs sensor, the company commissions it: Wi6Labs searches, deciphers and enters the sensor’s security keys on its Wiotys interface, an easy to use tool.

It is necessary to install the sensor before searching for its data. The PULSE sensor from Sensing Labs can be installed on a water meter.

The installer (like plumber) puts the sensor in place. After its start-up, it is imperative to check that the sensor data arrive on the right interface, Wiotys, and in what way (curve, diagram etc…). It is very easy to retrieve the data thanks to the Codec

In order to make an analysis of the recovered data, a decoder makes it possible to determine what is being measured: liter, degrees of temperature, etc. In addition, the decoder makes it possible to check the interface on which the data is transferred.

The interest is to be able to observe the data on the customer’s application part: what does the end customer see? (ex: local authority) 


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