LoRa embedded sensors that run on batteries that can typically last from 2–5 years. The LoRa sensors can transmit signals over distances from 1km — 10km. The LoRa sensors transmit data to the LoRa gateways.


Foreign experts see great potential

Experts forecast that the specialised Internet of Things will be a turning point in global technological development. Similar networks are currently being built in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Hungary, Estonia, the USA, South Korea and other countries. It is estimated that by 2020, 28% of all Internet of Things devices will be connected in Internet of Things network.1

The Internet of Things is based on radio technologies

Using the LoRaWAN technology end devices such as temperature sensors or meters are fitted with a radio chipset that connects to the gateways over the 868Mhz frequency; which in turn will leverage the globally recognized Lattelecom’s optical internet network Other important factors for installing quality infrastructure include knowledge, experienced and professional human resources, powerful and secure data centres, as well as high level customer service; which makes Lattelecom the most suitable operator to enable such a service.


1 Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015–2020 White Paper