Senlab T° and T° and H are smart LoRaWAN™ sensor with a highprecision datas:

Senlab T° sensors give temperatre at ±0.2ºC accuracy.

Senlab T°+H give temperature with ±0.4ºC accuracy and humidity with ±3% RH maximum (with 0 to 100% RH operating range).

The range is composed with 3 devices :

  • TEM-LAB-41NS fit to monitor the temperature in office or accomodation,
  • TEM-LAB-13NS to track the temperature in harsh environement conditions
  • TEM-LAB-14NS/24NS for outdoor temperature monitoring with remote probe
  • TEM-LAB-34NS for outdoor temperature monitoring with a binder connector
  • THY-LAB-41NS for indoor temperature and humidity monitoring
  • THY-LAB-14NS  for outdoor temperature and relative humidity monitoring