Sensing Labs on International tradeshows


Sensing Labs enables Smart Building market driven by energy and cost savings needs and where we aim to provide fast and high-volume deployments. Indeed we are specialized in smart sensors design and data management solutions. Our turn-key “Sensor-to-Cloud” solution, based on LoRaWAN® protocol, simplifies construction of scalable IoT applications. Even more, Senlab Lora® range reduce the cost of data acquisition for services requiring very long range and long battery life devices.

What will we be showcasing at the event?

Water leak detection sensor is designed to prevent dammageable water leak and protect critical infrastructure, sensitive industrial equipment, datacenters… This sensor based on the LoRaWAN protocol is equipped with a 5 meter probe to detect any presence of water on floor. The length of the probe is adaptable on request. Compliant with public or private network, it offers a battery life up to 20 years, a Plug & Play installation and an easy configurability of event detection and transmission.

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