This mode allows Senlab LoRaWAN devices to transmit up to 24 periodic measures in each uplink message:

o Measure period can be configured from 1min to 24h

o Transmission period can be configured from 3min to 24h (Tx < 10min is for test only)

o Possibility to activate a “log redundancy” feature to integrate previous logs in current transmission (ex: TX2 will contains logs n°1 to 6 and TX3 logs n°4 to 9)


o Increased volume of transmitted data

Datalogging mode allows to transmit a larger number of measurements every day, which enriches the data content (up to 1 log every minute)

o Optimizing the life span of Senlab LoRaWAN sensors

Not only datalogging allows to optimize the battery lifetime, but you can also  run the application compression algorithms to the data in the same radio message, further improving the life span.

o Improved data reception reliability

Thanks to Log redundancy feature to recover not received message

How to generate a new configuration?

o With SLgatewayV2 (LoRAWAN gateway), you can use the device application reconfiguration page, and new configuration will be directly buffered in gateway downlink queue.

o With other Network system, you can use SLcodec GUI demonstrator to encode the payload that you have to push to your network, on port 2.

SLcodec GUI demontrator link: