Which RSSI and SNR are considered as good radio level for LoRaWAN ™ Senlab ™ devices ?

Addition of RSSI and SNR must be considered to evaluate the radio link quality.

  • RSSI is the signal level reception
  • SNR is the signal noise rate and give indication on the ambiant noise level
  1. Radio link can be considered has GOOD when RSSI > -115dB and SNR > -7dB
  2. Radio link is BAD (range limit) when RSSI <= -120 dB or SNR <= -13dB
  3. Between this 2 cases,

o If RSSI is good (> -115dB) but SNR bad (<= -13dB),

It means that the environment is very noisy.

SNR must be checked during many days to be sure that the radio link is enough stable to receive all messages.

 o If RSSI is bad ( <=-120dB) but SNR good (> -7dB),

It means that device is probably far away from the gateway.

We have to check that no additional obstacle will take away “virtually” a little more the device.

Radio level analysis