How easily get my data from Senlab Gateway to Niagara ?

Get all data in real-time on Niagara 4!

With the SENSING LABS driver for Niagara 4,

recover the data from your devices in a few minutes.

NIAGARA 4 developped by BTIB-VAYANDATA is a solution to:

  • Enable data acquisition
  • Build a graphical Web interface
  • Communicate with any type of third-party software.

Senlab ™ LoRaWAN ™ sensors  are made to :

  • Monitor and reduce energy consumption
  • Optimize building maintenance
  • Make predictive analytics
  • Enable IoT platforms to provide data management solutions.


  • PLC or cloud running NIAGARA 4

Tridium/Vykon or any other OEM platform (Distech Control, Trend, Centraline, Saïa Burgess, Honeywell, Sontay, Regin, Phoenix Contact…)

  • Niagara or upper
  • License for “RestNetwork” module (Niagara4), contact “VayanData“

==> “Rest Network” :

  • Senlab™ Gateway 2.4.x
  • Senlab™ device(s) type: Temperature, Humidity, Metering, Digital, Passage, Presence
  • Senlab™ Gw and Niagara on the same TCP/IP network (Ethernet, GPRS, VPN)


1.Declare the Senlab™ device driver in Niagara

2.Enter the IP address of the Senlab™ gateway and the logins

3.Drag and drop the sensors you want to take back

4.Historical and real-time values are automatically brought back

5.Visualize your data in HTML5 graphs