What is the “leakage detection” feature witn Senlab™ M, a LoRaWAN™ metering sensor )?


Leakage detection has been developed to:

  • provide the minimal flowrate information (useful to check if a leak is present or not on a meter)
  • to allow behavior analysis of the water consumption

If configured, Senlab™ M will transmit in each datalog message (on port 3), the information of the maximum duration between 2 successive pulses since the last datalog transmission (max interpulse).

How it works ?

  • Leakage can be detected if max interpulse value never raise the expected duration without consumption (ex: Night period for a residential meter).
  • If no pulse is counted between 2 datalog messages, max_interpulse value will be 0.
  • Max interpulse only works on “raw_index” measure (even if 2 inputs are configured).