Senlab™ A is a smart wireless device, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, equipped with a 4-20 mA input sensor compatible with pressure transmitters, accelerometers, weather sensors …

Designed for outdoor use, Senlab™ A offers a ruggedized IP68 casing for outdoor use which able a reliable wireless connectivity for continuous monitoring in challenging environments.

Reference: 4MA-LAB-13NS

Sensing Labs advanced sensors offer advanced functionalities such as:

-Datalogging (24 points / radio transmissions)

-“over the air” reconfiguration Additional specifications

Typical applications

  • Monitor tank and silo level
  • Optimize 4-20mA sensors

Fairly common in the industry any  4-20mA sensor can be made ‘smart’ thanks to this Senlab. You can either retrofit wired sensors, or add as many points as you need, enhanced with wireless communications.