Senlab D – Outdoor event and alarm monitoring- LoRaWAN

Senlab™ D outdoor is a smart wireless device, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, equipped with an integrated digital input sensor for on/off or open/close state detection.

Designed to monitor the status of relays, transistors, and switches and detect abnormalities, Senlab™ D IP68 offers a highly-configurable information reporting algorithm, notably for triggering alarms, counting, and more.
It is ideal for your security or preventive maintenance needs.

Reference: TOR-LAB-13NS


Typical applications

  • Remote control treatment plant pump
  • Alert and Event management for action triggering
  • Monitor boiler, power generator, air conditionning state

This Senlab offers the best in class features as:

  • Battery life time
  • Rich data content
  • Radio performances
  • Advanced set of functionalities