Senlab M- Indoor electricity metering (optical pulse)– LoRaWAN

This Senlab™ M is a smart wireless device, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, is equipped with a remote optical light-pulse sensor (1m cable).

Senlab™ M connects onto the optical pulse output of electricity meters to be monitored.
Sensor deployment is fast and non-intrusive with the provided double-sided adhesive on the probe.

Reference: LED-LAB-41NS

Typical Applications

  • Building Energy Management System
  • Electricity metering
  • Energy efficiency: Regulate energy costs
  • Control and monitor energy consumption

This Senlab offers best in class features as:

– Battery life time up to 20 years
– Rich Data Content thanks to datalogging (24 datas/radio transmission)
– Radio Performances
– Advanced set of functionalities