Sensing Labs continues to expand internationally as an innovative start-up in the field of IoT and connected objects with a complete range of LoRaWAN sensors

Sensing Labs, based in Montpellier, provides wireless sensors solutions serving B2B markets that are driven by energy & cost savings needs. We target primarily 3 markets:

  • Smart Metering (gas, water, electricity, temperature, humidity)
  • Smart Building
  • Operation optimization and predictive maintenance

The Senlab Sensors combines Hardware, Firmware & Software and are easy and fast to integrate into a final end-to-end solution. Our value proposition is to reduce cost of data, provide content-rich data previously unavailable and simplify data acquisition.

We operate exclusively in BtoB with a large customer base of integrators, in a favourable and fast-moving environment thanks to main telephone operators in Europe, innovative radio long range and unmatched product lifetime.

We are hiring in R&D:

a Confirmed Engineer in Embedded software development /  firmware engineer

a Junior engineer in embedded software development / firmware engineer