The LoRaWAN™ specification has been designed from the onset with security as an essential aspect, providing state-of-the art security properties for the need of highly-scalable low power IoT networks.

Unlike many others IoT technologies, it already offers dedicated end-to-end encryption to application providers.


All LoRaWAN traffic is protected using the two session keys:
– For avoiding packet tampering, a Message Integrity Code (MIC) is computed with AES-CMAC based on NwkSKey.
– A frame counter is used for avoiding packet replay.
– The payload is encrypted by AES-CTR using the AppSKey.

Maximised security in Senlab LoRaWan sensors: 

Sensing Labs allows the customization of the sensor safety.

Security material

DevEUI: This unique Identifier is public and is linked to the end node. It can be compared to the ID card.

AppEUI: This Identifier is public and is linked to the Join Server. It is used by network servers to contact the right Join server during the Join phase of the end node.

AppKey: The AppKey is secret and is linked to the end node. It is also provided to the Join Server so that it can derive the NwkSKey and the AppSKey during the Join phase of the end node.

Sensing Labs devices allows the modification of AppEUI and also the customization of security AppKey.


  • At installation.
  • At migration during the life of device with new AppEUI and AppKey.

How Hoganas city manage to monitor passage at different point of the city?

The objectives of the project ?
Höganäs city needs to gather data on walking behavior in walking trails and to monitor passage on busy places and shopping streets.
The solution implemented?
For this project, Ambiductor recommended to place a PIR-LAB-51NS, IP55 and surveillance cameras for deterrent purposes.
The sensors are connected on LoRa network provided by a Swedish Network operator Pingday ( Öresundskraft )
Höganäs get data on its own IoT plateform and Application server, using a Swedish software design of visualisation.

For more details on this project, watch this video

A versatile temperature monitoring featuring LoRaWAN connectivity

You need to monitor your ambient temperature ?

You wish to maintain the cold chain in the food or the pharmaceutical industries ?

You want to control hot water pipes ?

SENSING LABS offers you the solution !

A multitude of external probes can be connected to our new Senlab temperature device, TEM-LAB-34NS, allowing to monitor a very large scale of temperatures.

TEM-LAB-34NS is equipped with 1 Binder connector 5 PINS – MALE (5 cm cable).

This Senlab™ T can be connected to a multitude of external probes and monitor a very large scale of temperatures :

• Dallas probe to measure temperatures from -45°C to +125°C, with high precisionaccuracy (±0.5°C from -10°C to +85°C, ±2ºC else).

• PT 1000 probes equipped with a one-wire converter to monitor temperature from -190°C to + 600°C.

• Thermo-couples probes can also be connected (please contact us)

The datasheet here: https://sensing-labs.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/TEM-LAB-34NS.pdf

#lorawan #temperature #smartbuilding



You Want to plan, schedule and connect your irrigation ?

SENLAB™ V is a DC LATCH SOLENOID DRIVER with a  LORAWAN™ communication interface.

It is designes for 9-12V DC LATCH SOLENOIDS .

For more information, contact us ! https://sensing-labs.com/contact/

#SenlabV #smartirrigation

passage on walking trails Proximus Sensing Labs

[People counting solutions use case]

Proximus for Enterprises and SENSING LABS present the people counting in walking trails .

How getting traffic statistics, learn more about the ecological and economic impacts, especially in the Covid-19 context?

SENLAB IP68 people counting devices can transmit up to 1000 detection per day in real time condition.

PROXIMUS #IoT platform allows to visualize the data and to manage the walking trails #lorawan #smartdata

Watch the full use case

Senlab™ D : Water Leak Detection (LEA-LAB-13NS)

What If a solution could optimize your Smart Building project ?

The presence of water is critical for your system?

Want to Protect your water-sensitive materials (data center, critical equipment, etc.) ?

This Senlab™ D (Water Leak Detection LEA-LAB-13NS) offers a solution to detect water presence on the floor and can alert with an alarm as soon water presence is detected.

#lorawan #waterleakdetection

You can learn more about this solution: Download the datasheet : Senlab D – Outdoor Leak detection- LoRaWAN – (sensing-labs.com)


SL-SETTING Commissioning Kit : An essential tool to configure parameters of Senlab™ Sensors.

SL-Setting commissioning kit allows to change Senlab sensors factory settings once the product is installed contactless:

• In the workshop before shipping or installation

• Directly on the field once installed

SL-Setting allows to configure the network, ensure the maintenance of your Senlab device and export the commissioning data.

SL-Setting is available in two versions :

• A windows PC version

• A lighter android version for field operation.

To learn more about content and features of both versions, download the datasheet SL-SETTING: https://sensing-labs.com/ficheslsetting/

Cold chain monitoring

Vertical M2M and Sensing labs offers a high quality and accurate solution for Cold Chain Monitoring

– Monitor the logistic chain for food or pharmaceuticals products at different stages: Transport, storage and distribution

– Prevent legionellosis

– Temperature monitoring inside the vehicle and in the warehouse,

– Visualize temperature data on Commonsense leading IoT devices managment platform

– Alert system in the event of exceeding tolerance thresholds.


Watch the video to know everything about the Commosense and Senlab solution.