Private Network – Senlab Pico Gateway


SLGateway – Pico is a LoRaWAN™ IoT station developed with the aim to reduce the cost of deploying a network for small and medium size applications. The gateway is enhanced with software layers developed by Sensing Labs, and designed to meet the need for a plug and play LoRaWAN™ private network solution.


reference: PIC-LAB-63NS


Senlab gateway key features

  • Plug and play
  • Range: up to 15km
  • Smart devices management
  • Low cost end to end solution
  • Quick visualization of data and network status
  • Powerful Embedded Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Embedded RF range testing tool
  • Large choice of API to forward data to your application
  • Ready for massive devices and SLgateway deployment



Sensors commissioning – SL-SETTING











Reference: SLS-LAB-6NN1

SL-Setting is the tool empowering you with full freedom and autonomy for the configuration of all your Senlab devices (Sensing Labs’ LoRaWAN™ sensors), and if used, the SL-Gateway (Sensing Labs LoRaWAN™ gateway solution).


SL-Setting kit is composed with:

  • A hardware support optimising the position of the devices for the ‘sensor to computer’ communication link.
  • A software program giving you access to all the configuration, maintenance