Opening monitoring as a new service: Senlab Openings detection


Your clients could need to be notified on the openings ‘state.

Sensing Labs announces 2 new smart devices in the TOR range,  featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol, equipped with a magnetic door sensor.






Available in indoor or outdoor versions, it enables remote monitoring of open/close status of doors, windows and gates.

You can monitor the status of your external or indoor doors or any other openings (windows, vents..) for security, activity tracking or energy saving needs.

  • Entry Monitoring
  • Cold chain management
  • Activity-based services
  • BIM Services

Orange IoT Partnership with Sensing Labs


Sensing Labs Simplifying user experience, a necessary condition for the mass deployment of IoT

What they do: Sensing Labs designs and develops LoRaWAN™ smart sensors, which are notably used in the smart building and industry 4.0 sectors. They include smart meters to track electricity, gas and/or water consumption, as well as temperature, moisture, presence and motion sensors.
What they do with us: as a premium partner, Sensing Labs has several of its sensors featured in the Orange Business Services IoT product range and integrated to the Live Objects platform. This partnership is evolving with a master distribution agreement.
Sensing Labs has had several of its smart sensors included in the Orange Business Services IoT device product range, with 9 featured in the IoT device catalogue and 6 in the IoT marketplace. The company also integrated its decoders to the Live Objects platform. Yann Guiomar, CEO of Sensing Labs, describes the company’s collaboration with Orange.

how to decode device payloads

To process the messages sent by sensors and transmitted via the LoRa® network, they must be made understandable with the decoding of Live Objects.

One of the benefits of Sensing Labs sensors resides in their embedded intelligence, which enables them to process data ‘on-site’ (using edge analytics) and apply high-compression algorithms prior to sending the data across LoRa-operated networks. The purpose is to boost the volume, and value, of data received by the customer, while limiting the energy impact of radio transmissions on the sensor’s battery.

the results

That’s why we developed modules enabling our customers to decode incoming radio transmissions, which they can integrate into their servers to access sensor data in a completely standardized format.

Working together with Orange teams allowed us to integrate these codecs onto the Live Objects platform. That helps to simplify the implementation process by making the decoding process more transparent for the customer. In this way, we can create a truly plug & play solution: the customer installs the sensors and, with no further action necessary, can access sensor data (raw data and analytics) on Live Objects! In our view, simplifying the user experience in this way is a necessary condition for the mass deployment of IoT solutions.

next steps

Orange offered us a master distribution agreement for its sensors. We think this is a crucial step in our collaboration with the Orange Group, because just as integrating codecs streamlines the implementation of the solution for the customer, signing the master contract simplifies the “business” process between our company and the various subsidiaries of the Orange Group seeking to develop their sales of low-bandwidth LoRa IoT solutions. These two steps are key to reducing our time-to-market and supporting the strong growth in the markets we serve.


Sensing Labs: myDevices partner to launch IoT in a Box™ solution


The World’s First ‘Internet of Things’ Product for the Reseller Channel

June 5, 2018

BURBANK, Calif.–myDevices Inc. today announced the launch of IoT in a Box™, turnkey remote monitoring solutions that protect important assets for small businesses and enterprise customers across a wide variety of industries with over 20 remote monitoring use cases within commercial refrigeration and facility management vertical markets.

“The ability to mix-and-match LoRa® – enabled sensors and gateways, from a variety of device manufacturers, to create a multitude of IoT in a Box solutions solves small and large IoT challenges”

These solutions are made available through the IoT in a Box Reseller program, enabling reseller partners to earn significant recurring revenue by enlisting their customers for a 30-day no-cost trial. The 5-minute install solves real customer problems and provides a proven IoT remote monitoring system. Resellers only need to line-up their customers and, with the support of myDevices, close deals.

“Resellers, which include thousands of MSPs, SIs, ISVs, and VARs, have existing relationships with hospitals, convenience stores, data centers, educational facilities, supermarkets, restaurants and more,” said Kevin Bromber, CEO and Founder of myDevices, Inc. “Now these resellers can instantly start making new revenue with their existing and new customers with no upfront cost to them. They can start selling IoT today!”

IoT in a Box combines a LoRaWAN™ Ethernet or cellular connected gateway, 16 sensor types, device management, LoRaWAN network server, and an iOS/Android mobile application with embedded end-to-end security. Pre-packaged, ready-for-sale solutions are deployed in minutes, enabling resellers to monitor their customer’s business remotely.

“As a restaurant owner for over 25 years, I have struggled with the arduous task of manually recording refrigeration temperature readings, IoT in a Box easily automated this process ensuring my restaurant’s food safety,” said Gary Cushing, Restaurateur and President of GSMC, Inc. “I was so impressed with the product that I started reselling and providing commercial refrigeration monitoring as a service to other restaurant owners.”

IoT in a Box is created by mixing and matching gateways and sensors from 26 device manufacturers with over 55 devices available. Hardware manufacturers that have partnered with myDevices to provide the extensive device library include Netvox, Gemtek, Sanmina, Tektelic, MultiTech, Kerlink, Xignal, GlobalSat, Sensing Labs, RisingHF, Winext, Polysense, SkySens, PNI Sensor, Lansitec, Ideetron, FactoryLab, Ewattch, Comtac, ChinaStar, Decentlab, Easylinkin, Eddy Home, Jade – IOT, Sensoro, Turbo, and LorixOne.

“The ability to mix-and-match LoRa®-enabled sensors and gateways, from a variety of device manufacturers, to create a multitude of IoT in a Box solutions solves small and large IoT challenges,” said Marc Pegulu, Vice President and General Manager of Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “It also creates new opportunities for device manufacturers to now have a complete IoT app for their devices right out of the box.”

IoT in a Box™ solutions are in stock, ready to ship, and delivered within 48 hours. For more information and to sign up as a reseller, visit

About myDevices

myDevices, the IoT solutions company, empowers engineers and enterprises to quickly design, prototype, and commercialize IoT solutions. myDevices is the creator of Cayenne – the industry’s de facto IoT Solution Builder; IoT Ready Program™ – trusted catalog of drag and drop IoT devices; and IoT in a Box™ – finished IoT solutions for a variety of vertical markets. The company’s mission is to simplify the connected world by providing development tools that enable the creation of device and connectivity agnostic IoT Solutions for smart buildings, smart agriculture, asset tracking and other IoT verticals. myDevices is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit

Promising year ahead for Sensing Labs: the company announces three new distribution partnerships


In order to accelerate our international growth, we signed three new distribution agreements, thus expanding its European reach further into Benelux, Norway and UK. Sensing Labs IoT solutions are now available for three vertical markets in the concerned countries; these include Smart Building and Smart Metering, Industry 4.0. According to Yann Guiomar, Sensing Labs’ CEO, Europe export sales through that type of partnership will account for more than 30% of the company’s turnover in 2018.

United Kingdom: Sensing Labs’ Smart Metering solutions for building automation system (BAS) distributed by MWA Technology

MWA Technology, the largest supplier of measurement equipment in United Kingdom, joined the ranks of Sensing Labs’ distribution network in January 2018. The company expands its offer with the full range of SenLab Smart Metering solutions, now available to its extensive client base that includes Facebook, Google and Warner Bros. The entire Smart Metering product line was made to facilitate the Building Automation System, to simplify urban transportation and to help Urban Water Supply Services detect water levels, pressure and flows.

Benelux Union: Sensing Labs’ SenLab Metering range for energy consumption monitoring available at CimPro

With more than 15 years’ experience in industrial automation equipment, CimPro now sells the entire Senlab Metering range on the Benelux Union territory. The company thus widens the IoT product portfolio, available to the key local actors of several industrial sectors. Innovative SenLab energy and water level management solutions are especially favored by Energy Integrators and Wastewater pumping stations, together with drinking water companies, respectively.

Norway : LILLEBAKK completes its cloud-based data portal with Senlab smart sensors

In order to strengthen its offer LINSIGHT, whichprovides complete automation solutions for building, industry and agriculture among other sectors, LILLEBAKK opted for SenLab intelligent hardware. The company integrated Sensing Labs’ smart sensors into its platform to enable automation system management in Smart City, Smart Building and Smart Agriculture markets. Chosen for their capacity to perform high-end smart data processing and analysis, SenLab smart sensors now constitute the core of the LINSIHGT offer and are distributed throughout the Norwegian market.

According to Ludovic Callier, Sensing Labs’ Commercial Director and co-founder, ”these newly-concluded partnerships will undoubtedly reinforce Sensing Labs’ European deployment”. “These agreements also helped us to put things into perspective,” he adds, “for they confirm the attractiveness of our solutions to the key players in Smart Building and Energy Efficiency markets.”

Sensing Labs launchs its crowdfunding campaign

Actualités Blog

Internet of things is revolutionizing many B2B markets and a lot of companies want to develop and deploy IoT-based industry solution.
But many of them are impeded by the complexity and the time required to build the solution and by the uncertainties & risks around the Return on Investment they will finally get.
Sensing Labs promise is to allow those companies to quickly develop reliable and scalable IoT-based industry solution with high RoI.
Based on the expertise and experience of the founders team in low consumption wireless design as well as field data processing, our ”sensor-to-cloud” offer combine sensors and a platform allowing data processing and access.
It allows our customers to build high value added services thanks to rich content data (data analytics) while ensuring low and predictable costs of deployment with the most scalable solution on the market.

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energetic transition crowdfunding

Monday Night Pitch – Tech & Co on BFM Business


SENSING LABS, selected by Serena Capital represented by Léa Verdillon, financial partner of start-ups, during the “Pitch Monday evening – Tech & Co on BFM Business, led by Sebastien Couasnon. Visit our YouTube channel to watch the interview of Yann Guiomar, CEO of SENSING LABS

SENSING LABS addresses the Smart Building, Industry 4:0, and Connected Agriculture markets with its autonomous, low-power communicating sensors using LoRa technology. These sensors provide high added-value data analytics for integrators in Europe.

Sensing Labs sensors for more energy efficient buildings


Touleco – Ysis Percq broadcast – France Bleu Hérault

Sensing Labs, hosted at CAP OMEGA, makes buildings more energy efficient thanks to its low-consumption and long-range smart LoRaWAN™ sensors.

Data analysis identifies anomalies such as a leak, a light left on at abnormal times, or an overheated room when it is empty. Users can thus modulate their habits. The decrease in energy consumption can reach 30%.

Sensors of the Senlab range are also suitable for connected industry.

Created in 2014, Sensing Labs has 10 employees and has multiplied its turnover by 2.5 in 2017.

Listen to the entire Touleco – Ysis Percq broadcast on France Bleu Hérault

Sensing Labs sensors for more economical buildings podcast

Sensing Labs supports the IoT energy management revolution


Founded in June 2014 by Yann Guiomar, Ludovic Callier, Nicolas Dejean, and Thierry Chomaud, Sensing Labs is a platform specializing in energy consumption management.

More details from Yann Guiomar, co-founder of Sensing Labs.

FrenchWeb : A quel besoin répond votre service?

Yann Guiomar, co-fondateur de Sensing Labs: Dans le domaine de l’Internet des objets nécessitant des capteurs bénéficiant de plus de 10 ans de durée de vie sur pile, l’offre de Sensing Labs permet de bâtir rapidement et facilement des solutions IoT end-to-end hautement évolutives. Il s’agit d’un bundle Capteurs/Connectivité/Accès aux données pour les marchés du bâtiment intelligent, du smart metering, de l’agriculture intelligente.

What is your value proposition?

While the Internet of Things offers unprecedented opportunities to create new sources of value, the deployment of IoT solutions is far from easy and only 26% of companies are successful in their IoT initiatives. This opens up enormous opportunities for companies that can break down the barriers that prevent expansion, the main one being the low capacity of existing solutions to move from pilot to mass deployment. At Sensing Labs, our promise is to provide the market with the most scalable solution for capturing, processing, and delivering smart data in the cloud.

Senlab solutions for :

– facility management companies

– utilities

– solutions integrators

– editors : energy monitoring, smart metering, building management system

– industry 4.0

For What:

  • Reduce energy costs (water, gaz, electricity)
  • Optimize offices ‘ space
  • Set up predictive maintenance programms

What is your development plan?

The short-term expansion of the company’s sales goes through the following three axes:

  • Internationalization of current sales (LoRaWan techno): In Europe, where Sensing Labs started making sales through a growing network of distributors and VAR (10 distributor contracts signed from January 2018), and then in APAC where the market is developing quickly.
  • Global sales development in the upcoming LTE-M and NB-IoT markets.
  • The DaaS solution thanks to a fully industrialized cloud platform.

What are your challenges?

The goal of the founders is now to take advantage of the competitive advantage of our start-up, and to position the company as Europe’s leading provider of sensor data in the fast-growing markets mentioned above.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are Adeunis, Atim, Connit, and Nemeus. We differentiate ourselves from them by our scalability, our industrial level, and our data intelligence.

New temperature and hygrometry sensor for the Greenhouse Agriculture




This new sensor from the SenLab Temperature + Humidity range allows real-time recording of humidity and temperature levels on the ground and in the ambient air. 

This intelligent sensor that collect and process data using embedded technology is part of the “Sensor to Cloud” offer, now available to actors in modern greenhouse agriculture.

he high potential of Sensing Labs’ IoT solutions is based on smart long-range and low-power sensors, the data recovery and data analysis.

Sensing Labs provides accurate data that allow control and optimization of energy resources and predictive analytics. Humidity and temperature are measured with a respective accuracy of ± 3% RH and ± 0.4ºC.

The Senlab T & H is equipped with a waterproof probe of 0.5 meter and offers a significant range of advanced features, including data logging, high and low temperature alarms and remote reconfiguration.

To access the datasheet


Actility launches Click & Go to facilitate IoT adoption


It’s no news to anyone that the IoT is still a fragmented market. When you want to deploy a dedicated LoRaWAN network, you have to find and buy from at least three different parties, three kinds of solutions:

  • Hardware: gateway and devices
  • Connectivity: a network server connecting to the LoRaWAN network
  • Application: data visualization and treatment

Test, deploy and scale

How do you make sure that these bricks are compatible and integrate smoothly? How tricky, long and costly is it to set them up?

That’s the kind of questions professionals who want to test, deploy and potentially scale IoT solutions stumble on. They are often deterred by a long buying cycle and complex implementation process.

Ludovic Callier, Head of sales and business development at Sensing Labs, Actility’s long-standing device partner, confirms: “I meet all the time companies that want to test our LoRaWAN sensors for one or several vertical use cases, but they struggle to figure out the other bricks they need to implement their use case…

“Complexity and no single point of contact means that decision-makers can’t make a choice and stay in a wait and see mode. For us, IoT providers, it’s a big loss of business!” Ludovic Callier, Sensing Labs

Over the past year, I’ve witnessed the story repeat… frustrating, huh?! Well, it gave our team as well as our hardware and application partners an idea: orchestrate the service for users. In other words, they need a pre-provisioned, integrated and packaged solution!

Same vertical needs

To kick off this service, we’re launching ten packages available in Europe and in the US. We focus on the most popular vertical needs such as agriculture, building & facility management, smart environment, and industries.

“End users ask us for the same vertical solutions all over Europe: smart metering, smart building and operations/supply chain optimization. It made perfect sense for Sensing Labs to leverage its large product folio to address these needs by offering our LoRaWAN sensors within Click & Go packages.” Ludovic Callier, Sensing Labs.

Each solution is packaged in a single box and includes a set of devices, one gateway, a ThingPark Wireless subscription for a LoRaWAN managed the network and a subscription to WMWLight to visualize, analyze and process the data of your assets through dashboards and graphs.

IoT apps built in a few hours

The trickiest part of building end-to-end solutions is the application layer. We partner with WMW, that builds vertical tailored IoT apps within a few hours. Bert Vanaken, the founder of WMW and his team, have been key supports to build Click & Go.

“ We see Click & Go as a POC in a box that could help boost end-user adoption. We specifically made an automated app-creation-engine to ease the experience for the end-user. This does not only allow us to showcase the power of our software framework but also delivers us a means to offer full end-to-end starter packages to our customers.

“Process optimization and simplification is what we love doing most, naturally, a one-stop shop concept like Click & Go fits perfectly into this.”  Bert Vanaken, WMW