ZiFiSense is expanding to Europe to promote ZETA as a new generation of LPWA technology

Paris, 1st February 2021 ZiFiSense, an innovative Long-Range IoT leader and the inventor of ZETA LPWA, has announced that it will cooperate with Sensing Labs to launch its ZETA and ZETags IoT modules and associated IoT solutions, sensors and network equipment, on the European markets.

ZETA leverages an advanced M-FSK modulation and coding scheme created by ZiFiSense that allows the system to detect and demodulate signals from transmitters of extremely low power. M-FSK receiver sensitivity can get as low as -150dBm. Hence ZETA can achieve extremely long wireless-communication range with low transmitter output power. The technology also distinguish itself from excellent scalability supporting data rates from 20bps to 500kbps while being downward compatible with most (G)FSK chips in the market. ZETA is also the first LPWA standard that supports Distributed Mesh Access.

ZETA technology is quickly becoming an emerging IoT standard throughout Japan, China, and South-East Asia. As a new generation of LPWA technology, this technology is already well known for its stamp-sized sensor (Zetag) that expands use cases of long range IoT from buildings, machines, to even small objects such as envelopes and parcels. Collaboration between ZiFiSense and Socionext shall see further cost reduction in the technology in 2021 with a new Zetag SoC chip.

The partnership signed with Sensing Labs is a first step in the deployment of the ZETA Alliance over all Europe. IoT players, vendors and distributors will be invited to join the technological and commercial cooperation of the current 300 Alliance members in order to deploy a new model of LPWA 2.0 – Pervasive IoT. This move echoes the joining of NTT Docomo, SoftBank, China Mobile, Nokia Bell and, recently, of ST Microelectronics as global promoter members of the ZETA Alliance.

Sensing Labs, together with its European distribution network, will promote and distribute solutions based on ZETA and ZETags, with ZiFiSense Europa support team, Mr. Bernard Soulez and Mr. Emmanuel Meril.

“We are very excited by the partnership we signed with Zifisense” said Yann Guiomar, CEO of Sensing Labs. “ZETA, the technology developed by Zifisense, offers decisive advantages in terms of cost and performances to massively deploy LPWA sensors and tags-based solutions in Europe, notably for logistics solutions. We are convinced that this technology will play a key role in Europe with its adoption by industrial and IoT players. The announcement made last week by ST Microelectronics to join the ZETA alliance reinforce our confidence in this vision.”.


Yann Guiomar, CEO Sensing Labs, has extensive understanding and hands-on experience in IoT sensors business. He previously held management positions in Elster Group and Coronis Systems.



Bernard Soulez, ZiFiSense Europa support team, previous experiences include management positions in the Bouygues Group, presently Ambassador for the Smart Buildings Alliance (SBA).



Emmanuel Meril, ZiFiSense Europa support team, previous experience includes notably partner with CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats.


About ZETA Alliance

ZETA Alliance is a global technology alliance, already set up in China and Japan with over 300 members, which aims to promote the ZETA LPWA standard for a wide range of IoT solutions based on the Advanced M-FSK modulation technology originally developed by ZiFiSense. The technology differentiates itself from the crowd with a set of innovations in wireless communications that deliver very low cost, minimal size and long-range connectivity for the vision of LPWA 2.0 – Pervasive IoT.

About ZiFiSense:

Founded in 2013, our vision is to provide the world with pervasive IoT infrastructure through a low power and low-cost network ZETA LPWA. ZiFiSense has end-to-end R&D capabilities from communication hardware, wireless protocols, algorithms to cloud platforms. Globally we have over 500 clients and partners across 20+ countries and regions.

About Sensing Labs:

Sensing Labs is a rapidly-growing company founded in 2014 in France, specialized in the design and sales of ultra-low power and long range smart wireless sensors using LPWA technologies with up to 20 years of battery life. We are a team of enthusiastic and highly experienced wireless product designers, IoT architecture experts and seasoned business developers with a strong successful track record for developing and commercializing wireless sensors around the world.

Sensing Labs offers a complete solution (sensors, concentrators and software tools) to integrators that wish to develop end-to-end business solutions requiring long range & long battery life duration sensors, in the fields of Smart Building, Smart Metering, connected agriculture and asset tracking.

About ZiFiSense Europa:

ZiFiSense Europa is set up by ZiFiSense together with its major European partners, including notably Sensing Labs, to expand the ZETA Alliance in Europe and to promote international collaborations in the industry for the common vision of Pervasive IoT, including technology licensing, joint R&D and commercial partnerships.

Press contact: press@sensing-labs.com