Sensing Labs announces a new distribution partnership with Digitalnology on Italian Market

Sensing Labs announces a new distribution partnership with Digitalnology on Italian Market   

Montpellier, December 12th

At SENSING LABS, we are specialized in smart wireless sensor design and we offer a sensor-based solution ready for mass deployment of IoT end-to-end solutions in the markets requiring long range and ultra-low-power sensors. Senlab © range is a wide portfolio of LoRAWANTM industrial-grade wireless sensors, autonomous and long-range. They are Off-the-shelf highly industrialized products, with embedded or external sensors, covering a wide range of information collection needs: utility meters, temperature, humidity, presence, passage detection and counting, door opening, machine malfunction alarm, and more.

Convinced that IoT real value is ‘’capturing insights’’ and not only ‘’connecting things’’, SENSING LABS also seeks to provide content-rich data to help customers to create new use cases and disrupt their markets with:

  • Greater actionable insights through sophisticated data processing
  • Physical values or events digitalization previously unavailable

DIGITALNOLOGY is focused on providing innovative digital solutions to the infrastructure, construction, and tunnelling industries. Among a variety of products, we are specialized in monitoring, inspection and maintenance solutions based on innovative devices (ex: Digital Helmet), field sensors, man-machine interactions, and the integration of data from PLCs in real time.

We have skills in both automation and frontend/backend software development made available to all our partners.

We have signed a partnership with SENSING LABS to utilize the various types of Senlab © sensors, know-how, and expertise. In doing this, together, we can strengthen the quality of our final solutions. A top-quality software interacting with state-of-the-art sensors, delivers data collect and results that our clients need.

Italian Distribution of LoRaWAN sensors

On September 15, 2020, the Italian government approved an amendment removing the temporal restrictions to LoRaWANTM finally unblocking investments in the IoT for the nation. DIGITALNOLOGY is proud to be on the forefront of this wave of innovation, which will transform the way data is collected in all sectors.

The distribution of LoRaWAN™technology will be integrated in the upcoming infrastructure projects in many regions of Italy. Our partnership allows us to say, where there is Digitalnology, there is Senlab © delivering together LoRAWANTM technology.

The customers that we focus on is infrastructure management companies, construction management companies, and anyone who is looking to ease the process of data collect, traceability, and long-term monitoring of various types of structures. Any customer of ours would be able to benefit from the LoRaWANTM industrial-grade wireless sensors.