2018 : Innovative year for SENSING LABS

4 functionalities All in One transmission

PTL-LAB-41NS is designed to log temperature, relative humidity of the air, presence and luminosity.

Typical Applications:

– Occupancy rates and alerts

– Workspace optimization

– Smart space management : meeting rooms/flex offices reservation system

– Energy efficiency: Light and HVAC monitoring when a meeting room, an office, a phone box… is empty

– Comfort Optimization: HVAC monitoring



New Digital sensors, ToR (on/off)

Protect your critical equipement, servers rooms, industrial machinery … thanks to LEA-LAB-13NS (IP68)

Be alerted in real time as soon as water is detected on the ground to ensure the protection of your equipment.

Typical Applications:

– Remote control of the water supply system

– Servers rooms and critical equipements protection



Outdoor openings remote control

OPE-LAB-13NS (IP68) and OPE-LAB-41NS (IP30) enable remote control of open/close status of doors, windows, gates and other openings (vents, pipe…)

Typical Applications:

– Openings control and monitoring

– Cold chain management

– Activity-based services

– BIM Services