Orange IoT Partnership with Sensing Labs

Sensing Labs Simplifying user experience, a necessary condition for the mass deployment of IoT

What they do: Sensing Labs designs and develops LoRaWAN™ smart sensors, which are notably used in the smart building and industry 4.0 sectors. They include smart meters to track electricity, gas and/or water consumption, as well as temperature, moisture, presence and motion sensors.
What they do with us: as a premium partner, Sensing Labs has several of its sensors featured in the Orange Business Services IoT product range and integrated to the Live Objects platform. This partnership is evolving with a master distribution agreement.
Sensing Labs has had several of its smart sensors included in the Orange Business Services IoT device product range, with 9 featured in the IoT device catalogue and 6 in the IoT marketplace. The company also integrated its decoders to the Live Objects platform. Yann Guiomar, CEO of Sensing Labs, describes the company’s collaboration with Orange.

how to decode device payloads

To process the messages sent by sensors and transmitted via the LoRa® network, they must be made understandable with the decoding of Live Objects.

One of the benefits of Sensing Labs sensors resides in their embedded intelligence, which enables them to process data ‘on-site’ (using edge analytics) and apply high-compression algorithms prior to sending the data across LoRa-operated networks. The purpose is to boost the volume, and value, of data received by the customer, while limiting the energy impact of radio transmissions on the sensor’s battery.

the results

That’s why we developed modules enabling our customers to decode incoming radio transmissions, which they can integrate into their servers to access sensor data in a completely standardized format.

Working together with Orange teams allowed us to integrate these codecs onto the Live Objects platform. That helps to simplify the implementation process by making the decoding process more transparent for the customer. In this way, we can create a truly plug & play solution: the customer installs the sensors and, with no further action necessary, can access sensor data (raw data and analytics) on Live Objects! In our view, simplifying the user experience in this way is a necessary condition for the mass deployment of IoT solutions.

next steps

Orange offered us a master distribution agreement for its sensors. We think this is a crucial step in our collaboration with the Orange Group, because just as integrating codecs streamlines the implementation of the solution for the customer, signing the master contract simplifies the “business” process between our company and the various subsidiaries of the Orange Group seeking to develop their sales of low-bandwidth LoRa IoT solutions. These two steps are key to reducing our time-to-market and supporting the strong growth in the markets we serve.


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