Sensing Labs continues expansion into IoT market and international deployment

After 3 years of development and marketing, Sensing Labs demonstrates success story at all levels: penetration on new growth IoT sectors, rapid international expansion, increase in workforce. At this new stage in its development, the company produced a new graphic.

Sensing Labs gaining access to new markets

With 20,000 smart sensors deployed by the end of 2017, the startup, based in Montpellier, supports IoT revolution with its Sensor to Cloud offer, on 4 markets:

Smart Building, Smart Metering, Smart Agriculture, Industry 4.0

« Energy efficiency in buildings is proving to be one of the most important areas of IoT use » says Yann Guiomar, co-founder and Sensing Labs’CEO. Indeed, in 3 years, the start-up launched several product lines, specially designed for energy efficiency and Smart Metering.

The partnership with the company Canal de Provence bring the opportunity to diversify the offer outside the core business: the team of engineers designed an intelligent remote irrigation control solution. Sensing Labs thus enters into the field of Smart Agriculture, «a rising sector with very high potential» according to Yann Guiomar.

Which growth objectives ?

Sensing Labs is only at the beginning of its success. After a first fundraising in December 2016, the startup prepares a second round to accelerate its international growth. After a successful implantation in Russia, thanks to a Distribution Agreement with Senlab Rus, Sensing Labs is preparing to go beyond Europe, in Middle East and Asia.

With a forecast of turnover multiplied by 2.5 in 2017, Sensing Labs aims to continue its growth at the same pace in 2018. Sensing Labs has invested in R & D and supports functions to enhance its technical expertise, by recruiting 7 persons in less than 1 year.

The 2020 target ? A turnover of 10 M € and a workforce of about 25 employees.


A new graphical visual identity to reflect the economic expansion of the startup

The new Sensing Labs logo is signed by B-To-B Design, Montpellier agency.

Thanks to the proven expertise of leaders, specialists of telecommunication technologies, Sensing Labs is a facilitator and expert on IoT. The customer commitment and the quality of the service provided, are the pillars of the success of the French startup.

The new identity of Sensing Labs had to reflect its values and promise to market.

Blue translates comfort and safety, Red for the ambition and dynamism of the start-up.

The « electronics chips » to establish the expertise of Sensing Labs in the field of long-range communicating sensors. Indeed, the accuracy of the data collected facilitates the control and optimization of energy resources and the predictive maintenance of equipment. The symbol favoring visibility and marking the successes to come …

About Sensing Labs

Created in 2014, Sensing Labs is a start-up specialized in IoT solutions for Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture and Industry 4.0. Senlab® range composed of intelligent sensors and intelligent data management solutions, enable the monitoring and reduction of energy consumption, the optimization of building maintenance and the predictive analytics.

Thanks to the proven expertise of leaders, specialists of embedded technology, Sensing Labs shows a significant growth since its foundation: the company made a first fundraising in December 2016 and is about to carry out a second round to accelerate its international growth and has more than a hundred customer references, in France and abroad, including Dalkia, SETEC, Digita, Enforta, Actility, Société du Canal de Provence.

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