Sensing Labs supports the IoT energy management revolution

Sensing Labs supports the IoT energy management revolution

[Press release Touleco-green published by Nathalie Sanselme]

“We could not have imagined the transformations induced by the Internet and we have little idea of the importance of the IoT wave. It will be a revolution!” says Yann Guiomar, one of the four founders of Sensing Labs. The CEO aligns growth charts with an impressive pace. For the building sector alone, the number of connected objects should increase by “tens of thousands of additional points in 2017 and several hundreds of thousands between 2017 and 2019.” Supported by its partnership with electronic manufacturer Eolane, the start-up created in 2014 is already “ready to respond to this growth.”

Its new range of minimalist and resolutely high-tech sensors, created with the designer Cabrera, targets the tertiary building where it achieves nearly two thirds of its turnover. Installed in an office, a shop, or a factory, they measure the ambient temperature, the air humidity, the luminosity of the premises, the presence or the movement of people…

15 to 30% savings in buildings

“Energy efficiency in buildings is one of the most important areas of IoT use,” says Yann Guiomar. Sensors installed on the meters immediately identify major anomalies, such as a water leak, as well as small ones, such as inefficient heating settings. Feedback of this information must induce new behaviors and generate between 15 to 30% of consumption savings. Beyond this, the information transmitted by the sensors should make it possible to rethink the use of buildings through a rationalization perspective. “Today, a large company that occupies a 1000m2 surface has an average of 50% empty offices that are heated unnecessarily,” says the CEO.

Straight out of Montpellier BIC, Sensing Labs is showing good growth and is already preparing its second round to speed up the pace. Its playground is Europe, where it already has 10 offices, but the gazelle is already targeting internationally, starting with Asia from 2018. The outlook is good: 20 000 points should be connected in 2017 alone. A new partnership with Carnet des Provence also introduces it to Smart Agriculture for the development of intelligent irrigation solutions: “A nascent sector with high potential,” according to Yann Guiomar.,22762

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