Securing the Internet of Things: Sensing Labs, SECURIOT project partner



Paris, Monday, April 3 – Cyberattacks, data dissemination… although by 2020 the number of connected objects could reach between 50 and 80 billion, 80% of objects do not currently use an identification and authentication mechanism

The SECUREIOT project, involving eight partners including Sensing Labs, responds to this challenge.

The 23rd call for projects of the Fonds Unique Interministériel aims to secure the next generations of connected objects.

Respond to the challenges of IoT security

Among the 55 innovative projects selected during this call for projects, SECURIOT brings together eight partners: Alpwise, Archos, IF, Inria, Sensing Labs, Tiempo, Trusted Objects, and Verimag.

The goal is to develop a microcontroller to secure the next generation of connected objects and equipment of the Internet of Things.

Inspired by technologies deployed for bank payment and government identification, this microcontroller will protect information against hardware and software attacks and take into account the constraints of the Internet of Things market (cost and energy consumption). They include applications such as smart building, smart metering, connected cars, and connected home or health.

Sensing Labs brings its expertise in communicating sensors

Sensing Labs, a start-up specializing in Data Service, particularly dedicated to energy efficiency, brings its expertise to the design of embedded systems.

“We are delighted to be an integral part of this project. We bring our know-how to the integration of the ‘secure element’ in long-range wireless and energy-efficient connected objects,” explains Nicolas DEJEAN, CTO and co-founder of Sensing Labs.

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