Sensing Labs supports the IoT energy management revolution

Founded in June 2014 by Yann Guiomar, Ludovic Callier, Nicolas Dejean, and Thierry Chomaud, Sensing Labs is a platform specializing in energy consumption management.

More details from Yann Guiomar, co-founder of Sensing Labs.

FrenchWeb : A quel besoin répond votre service?

Yann Guiomar, co-fondateur de Sensing Labs: Dans le domaine de l’Internet des objets nécessitant des capteurs bénéficiant de plus de 10 ans de durée de vie sur pile, l’offre de Sensing Labs permet de bâtir rapidement et facilement des solutions IoT end-to-end hautement évolutives. Il s’agit d’un bundle Capteurs/Connectivité/Accès aux données pour les marchés du bâtiment intelligent, du smart metering, de l’agriculture intelligente.

What is your value proposition?

While the Internet of Things offers unprecedented opportunities to create new sources of value, the deployment of IoT solutions is far from easy and only 26% of companies are successful in their IoT initiatives. This opens up enormous opportunities for companies that can break down the barriers that prevent expansion, the main one being the low capacity of existing solutions to move from pilot to mass deployment. At Sensing Labs, our promise is to provide the market with the most scalable solution for capturing, processing, and delivering smart data in the cloud.

Senlab solutions for :

– facility management companies

– utilities

– solutions integrators

– editors : energy monitoring, smart metering, building management system

– industry 4.0

For What:

  • Reduce energy costs (water, gaz, electricity)
  • Optimize offices ‘ space
  • Set up predictive maintenance programms

What is your development plan?

The short-term expansion of the company’s sales goes through the following three axes:

  • Internationalization of current sales (LoRaWan techno): In Europe, where Sensing Labs started making sales through a growing network of distributors and VAR (10 distributor contracts signed from January 2018), and then in APAC where the market is developing quickly.
  • Global sales development in the upcoming LTE-M and NB-IoT markets.
  • The DaaS solution thanks to a fully industrialized cloud platform.

What are your challenges?

The goal of the founders is now to take advantage of the competitive advantage of our start-up, and to position the company as Europe’s leading provider of sensor data in the fast-growing markets mentioned above.

Who are your competitors?

Our competitors are Adeunis, Atim, Connit, and Nemeus. We differentiate ourselves from them by our scalability, our industrial level, and our data intelligence.