Yann Guiomar Sensing Labs CEO on BFM Business

Sensing Labs provides long range and lifespan wireless sensors solutions serving B2B markets that are driven by energy & cost savings needs and is thus primarily targeting the following markets:

  • Smart Metering

  • Connected building

  • Industry 4.0

For which purpose:

  • Monitoring gas, water, electricity consumption and environmental datas as temperature, humidity

  • Energy consumption reduction

  • Space and comfort optimization

  • Industrial operations management

The Senlab Sensors combines Hardware, Firmware & Software and are easy and fast to integrate into a final end-to-end solution.

Our value proposition has 3 focal points:

  • Reduce cost of data

  • Provide content-rich data previously unavailable

  • Simplify data acquisition

Senlab LoRaWAN sensors range

LoRaWAN communicating SENLAB sensors offer an optimal solution for data recovery under various environmental conditions (internal, external or difficult). SENLAB sensors are compatible with all public or private LoRaWAN networks.

Sensing Labs tools and services make it easy to use and configure sensors.

LoraWAN IoT devices designed by Sensing Labs:

Senlab Gateways (Senlab Pico Gateway or Multitech)

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