About Us

Sensing Labs, innovative start-up in the field of IoT and connected objects based in Montpellier (France), provides wireless sensors solutions serving BtoB markets that are driven by energy & cost savings needs.

We target primarily 3 markets:

  • Smart Metering (gas, water, electricity, temperature, humidity)
  • Smart Building (energy efficiency, …)
  • Operation optimization and predictive maintenance

Sensors Easy and Fast to integrate, providing Content-Rich Data at a low cost and a simple acquisition

The Senlab Sensors combines Hardware, Firmware & Software and are easy and fast to integrate into a final end-to-end solution. Our value proposition is to reduce cost of data, provide content-rich data previously unavailable and simplify data acquisition. Ultra long range (up to 9.5 miles line of sight), ultra low power (up to 20 years), 17 years of experience  and a sensor range ready to use and on shelves are our major advantages.

We operate exclusively in BtoB with a large customer base of integrators, in a favourable and fast-moving environment thanks to main telephone operators in Europe, innovative radio long range and unmatched product lifetime.

A worldwide company

Thanks to its distribution network, Sensing Labs is present throughout in Europe, Middle East, Near East and Russia. We continue to expand our international presence.

What’s happening at Sensing-Labs ?

Have you got a project in mind ?

  • The members of our team will be delighted to help you in anyway they can. We stand beside you with all our know-how and experience from start to finish in your projects.